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Equilibrium Clothing is a young fashion brand created in 2013 by Alex Equilibrium with collaboration of visionary artist Luminokaya and was established with intention to create something new, different and original.


Style of clothing is mixed between awakening spirit of Equilibrium, futuristic dreams and alchemical “Steam Punk” mood.

Unique look expressed by sporty shapes, assimetric cut lines, incredible prints, embroideries... 


Equilibrium clothing is made in limited edition series with high quality visionary digital prints. Every item is exceptional piece of art.


Under strict control were selected fabrics (with special finishing "soft touch", "silky finishing"), accessories and technology. All fabrics are eco-friendly and ideal for everyday wear.


All styles are unique and intend for seekers of truth, consciousness and mental awakening… for all men on the path of Equilibrium.


Find Your Equilibrium!



We are placed in:

Milky Way Galaxy, planet Earth, Eurasia continent, Russian Federation, Moscow megalopolis



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