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"vector equilibrium" women's capri leggings with print

limited edition

short / capri leggings "vector equilibrium"

Women's leggings with unique print / artwork by Luminokaya

Worldwide delivery

Made in Equilibrium

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limited edition

women's short leggings / capri leggings with print "vector equilibrium"

artwork by Luminokaya

made from high quality soft stretch material "soft touch"

The fabric stretches in all directions and restores the shape.

Designed for yoga and for everyday use.

Comfortable for summer weather and create the effect of coolness.

For sewing used technology of the "Nike" company.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L

International sizes. Best fitting

Slim fit


88% recycled microfibra 12% spandex

Worldwide delivery

Made in Equilibrium

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Очень понравилась одежда, качество!

Благодарю, создателя! Очень понравилась одежда, качество! Размер подошел)
Желаю дальнейшего развития и вдохновения!
Благодарю за бонус, очень приятно?.

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